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Whitewashed Wood


The Anxious Dogs Club creates safe spaces for dogs to play, socialise, and face new challenges with professional and community support. We don't discriminate by breed or background- rescues, big dogs, wonky dogs and even reactive dogs are welcomed equally. 

Together, we face the things which make our dogs apprehensive about the world around them. Our weekly meet is a gentle stroll around Stewarton- focusing on sniffs, giving space, confidence building and spending time with like minded souls. Our Anxious Adventurers events are behaviourist led excursions, introducing your anxious dog to the world of dog friendly spaces. We know that life with a fearful dog can be isolating, but through safe, structured coaching we work to bring people and dogs become part of a community.

Friday socials are free of charge, though we ask that everyone reserves their place via our facebook events (@dogsandhoundsuk). Other group and solo events can be booked below.  


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