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Hello, I'm Katie-
behaviourist and coach here at the Dog and Hound Stewarton

I specialise in fear and stress based behaviours, commonly known as "reactivity". Reactivity can manifest in many situations, but should always be handled with compassion, patience and understanding.

I firmly believe that all aspects of canine well-being are interconnected. While my primary qualifications are in Behaviour, I am also certified in Nutrition, Care and Canine First Aid which enables me to offer comprehensive, informed advice. I am fully insured to offer both group and one to one consultations, and I am happy to provide copies of my qualifications or insurance certificates on request. 

I also offer remote, video call coaching for families with rescues in the early stages of decompression. The first days, weeks and even months in a new home can be overwhelming, but through understanding our dog's emotional state we can encourage feelings of security and facilitate healthy choices (ie, feeling secure enough to eat, sleep and accept human contact in their new home). 

Every dog is an individual, and no matter what appointment style you choose, you will always get bespoke, personalised training advice. My practice is informed by years of professional experience and an in depth understanding of canine neurochemistry and physiology.

Appointments are available to book below. If you have any questions, just get in touch using the form below and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.



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"Our french bulldog Rosie is a totally different dog after her training with Katie. She helped us to support Rosie to be less anxious which has meant we can now have a dog walker." 

“Katie is a phenomenal and friendly expert who is always willing to listen and provide sound advice"

"Katie worked with us to help with one of our rescue dog who has reactivity due to her difficult start in life. Katie's depth of knowledge is outstanding and we learned how to read the micro signals that Pixie gives out all the time." 

" I had a consultation with Katie about my rescue pods and she's fantastic! Gave me so much confidence and she really understands dogs and their behaviour. Would highly recommend" 

Questions and Queries...


If you're unsure which service to book, we can begin with an initial call or email exchange where we discuss the aspects of your dog's behaviour or lifestyle that you would like to address.

In your message, please include a brief overview of the topics you would like to discuss (ie- reactivity, basic puppy training, helping a rescue adapt to their new home) & your availability for an initial chat. We'll get back to you within 2 working days.

Booking Enquiries

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